Our History

Former executives and business leaders, we came to settle in Indonesia in search of a peaceful and pleasant living environment. We were won over by the kindness of the Indonesian people we live and work with for many years. She is an Indonesian friend who introduced us to Kratom and changed our lives.

Being over forty, we see the ravages of time on ourselves, our family and loved ones: back pain, joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression … Medication solutions are often expensive and involve many heavy side effects.

Kratom opens the door to a world where these troubles can be INCREDIBLY alleviated. A 100% natural solution, used since the dawn of time, totally organic and inexpensive.

Our Goal

Kratom is not for us a mere “product”. It is an incredible gift from Mother Nature that is THE SOLUTION to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. We want to share this miracle with the whole world and bring back smile and hope to as many people as possible.

We are committed to producing the best possible Kratom and sending it to you in the best possible conditions.

Every new testimony of a person who sees their life changing for the better is a victory for us.

Our Partners

The cultivation and preparation of Kratom are delicate things. They require real know-how and a deep respect of qualitative procedures. We went to the heart of the equatorial forest to personally meet our partners to see for ourselves the quality of their work and their facilities. The importance of quality is a key element in choosing our partners.

We work directly with peasants without intermediaries. We can thus guarantee fair remuneration for their work while guaranteeing affordable prices to end consumers.

Finally, our partners do not participate in the aggravation of deforestation by cultivating Kratom. These are former farmers of Heveas: Kratom comes to replace these ancient crops without causing the slaughter of any tree primary forest.