Get rid of your backpain

Back problems are the evil of this century. Who does not suffer directly, the happy few, knows necessarily someone reached around him. Our way of life is at stake and it is through personal changes that we can reduce the development of this scourge.

But what to do when the evil is already installed and puts us in torment? The drug responses are very unsatisfactory:

  • Anti-pain is either ineffective or with particularly negative side effects (numbness, concentration problems, risk of heavy addiction, …)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs that require several complementary medications to guard against their negative effects on the stomach.
  • Heaviness of treatment by the multiple number of shots of a slew of pills throughout the day.
  • High prices for medicines

Kratom is a miraculous solution almost in the religious sense. People who are suffering and discovering Kratom for the first time do not believe their senses. After taking Kratom, 10 minutes are enough to go from the hell of pain back to normal life.

Scientific studies show that mitragynine and 7-hudroxymitragynine, the two main alkaloids responsible for the pain-relieving effect, are 10 to 30 times more effective than morphine in soothing pain. As a result, Kratom powder, 100% natural product, without any treatment or chemical addition, is superior or at the same level as most industrial painkillers.

To this must be added the anti-inflammatory effect of Kratom. And without side effects that need to protect your stomach! Thus, a single dose of Kratom can be enough to treat a person’s pain for a whole day.

Pain and anti-inflammatory effects require taking a dose of about 3 to 10 g of powder per day (ie between 1/3 to 2 teaspoons per day). Judge for yourself the cost of such treatment on your wallet.


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