First Step with Kratom

At low doses, Kratom brings many benefits to users. However, an excess of kratom leads to unpleasant side effects (FAQ). It is thus necessary that each one discovers by himself the dose that suits him because this personal dose is totally different from one person to another. We propose you a tutorial step by step to begin your discovery of Kratom in the best conditions.

  1. Drink 1/4 teaspoon Kratom diluted in water.
  2. Wait 15 mins to feel a clear relaxation effect. If the effect is felt clearly, you have found your own dose.
  3. If you do not clearly feel the relaxing or pain-relieving effect, repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary until you clearly feel the expected effect.

Contra Indications

Research on interactions between Kratom and drugs has not been researched. It is therefore strongly discouraged to take Kratom in combination with other drugs.

No studies have been conducted on the consumption of Kratom during pregnancy, it is also not recommended to consume in pregnant women or nursing.

The effects of Kratom on children who have not been studied, it is inadvisable to give them.

 As some Kratom may induce drowsiness, it is not recommended to consume it before driving or performing tasks requiring a high concentration.


Kratom is a bitter product similar to Japanese Matcha or South American Maté. It is consumed mixed with a hot or cold liquid:

  1. Fruit juice (guava, mango, lemon, orange, grapefruit, ….). The best combination according to our team.
  2. Kratom coffee sweet and with a cloud of milk.
  3. Kratom Latte (mixed with hot milk and honey). Can be eaten frozen or hot.
  4. Kratom chocolate (mixed in a sweet chocolate milk)